A reading list for Mattias Desmet and the podcasters who love him

How did THIS guy become the expert on “Mass Formation”?

Now that you’ve heard the “bubble gum” version here’s the real deal

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If I wanted people to not know about and not read a book written by a Dutch scientist SIXTY-SIX YEARS AGO that explained in detail the specific mechanisms by which societies are driven crazy by design (“Mass Formation”), I’d turn a modern Dutch scientist into an “instant expert” and have him deliver a much-neutered version of the science on podcasts everywhere.

Further, I’d make sure he never mentioned his predecessor’s vastly superior work or any of the very substantial literature on the subject.

A reading list for serious people who want to go beyond the bubble gum version

* The Rape of the Mind – The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide and Brainwashing – Joost Meerlo’s (1956)

* Coercive Persuasion – Edgar Schein (1961)
A production of MIT’s Center for International Studies (the wing of MIT that assisted the CIA with overseas coups and other societal disruptions)

These four books document the many specific methods by which irrational society-splitting medical panics are induced, these books cover it very well.

* Inventing the AIDS Virus – Virologist Peter Duesberg
He is referring to its psychological fabrication, not lab theories

* Virus Mania – Torsten Englebrech
How epidemics are invented with deliberate garbage science. Numerous case studies.

* A State of Fear – Laura Dodsworth
Forensics on how the UK media deliberately created a fear environment to foster the CoVid Con

* False Alarm – March Siegel
Forensics on numerous media-created medical panics before the CoVid Con

And the film that could have stopped the CoVid Con in its tracks had the podcaster gatekeepers let their audiences know about it


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