An honest Wall Street analysis of the “warp speed” fiasco

Pfizer called out for its misconduct

This view point is being completely shut out by the news media

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This video originally ran in late July of this year.

There was a promised follow up video on the reality of CoV2 injectable “therapy”, but I have not seen it

Anyway, this video is from a company called Hedgeye which provides very high cost (six figures a year) advance to people who manage hedge funds.

Unlike most Wall Street firms which are a made up mostly of a bucket of incompetent snakes, Hedgeye is both highly competent and highly principled which is what they’ve been banned from CNBC (aka CN-BS)

In this program, the firm’s health policy analyst Emily Evans speaks frankly about the fraud and failure of Pfizer.

She is still a bit of a Kool-Aid drinker on certain subjects, but she’s very blunt and accurate about…what just happened.


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