Analyzing the government response to Co-Vid

Interview with Vera Sharav, holocaust survivor

“Yes, this is like Nazi Germany”

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Long time Brasscheck subscribers know that we’ve been talking about the Nazification of US medicine for over 20 years.

This is not a new topic, nor is it a comparison we make lightly.

Since there is a veritable industry of people who make their living attacking people who draw such comparisons, we were very appreciative that our friends at Masks Off Minnesota asked us to be the guest interviewer for their program with Vera Sharav.

Vera’s Romanian family was taken prisoner by the Nazis when she was six years old. Her father died while imprisoned by the Nazis and she was separated from her mother and largely had to fend for herself until they were reunited years later.

After the death of her son by a dangerous medication that was marketed without adequate warning and prescribed carelessly by a physician, she devoted herself to researching, publishing about and engaging in activism on the subject of criminality in the pharmaceutical industry and government.

Vera’s group is The Alliance for Human Research Protection

Please visit and support her work.

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