Another unsolved DC murder

Painter, CIA wife, JFK girlfriend

Fake witnesses

On a perfect October day in 1964, Mary Pinchot Meyer – mistress of John Kennedy, friend of Jackie Kennedy and ex-wife of a top CIA man, Cord Meyer – was murdered in the rarefied Washington precinct of Georgetown.

Why did high ranking CIA agent James Angleton – chief of counterintelligence – break into her house after he was shot looking for her private diary?

What is a coincidence that the reporter who gave the diary to Angleton later became executive editor of The Washington Post?

Did you know that now-disgraced bum Bill O’Reilly was also once a low level reporter? Then he found himself at the front door of Lee Harvey Oswald’s buddy George de Mohrenschildt when he was shot to death – and contributed to the story that is was a suicide.

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