Asa Hutchinson: Federal cover up artist for Mena Guns, drugs, and money laundering

Former U.S. Attorney for Fort Smith-based Western District of Arkansas (Mena)

Why is a government drug king pin being offered the job of making America’s schools safe?

After running interference for Mena while the US Attorney for Western Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson was named head of the DEA!

Then Bush made him head of the Border and Transportation Security Directorate, the largest division of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with more than 110,000 employees.

What did he do when he was on that job?

He made the US-Mexican border more porous than ever.

Why did the NRA pick this dirt bag to be in charge of their “safe schools” initiative – and why did he say yes?

Right now, your guess is a good as mine.

One thing is for sure: This guy is a dirty as hell.

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