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Is this the best we can do?

Christmas Appeal

Haiti is the only country in history where an enslaved people threw over their captors and took charge of their country.

And generations later, the global slave masters have never let them forget it.

The poorest country in the western hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world, it’s been run by one band of US-supported criminals after another.

(So much for bringing democracy to the world.)

This year Haiti took direct hits from four major hurricanes.

It’s rare to get news about Haiti in the US. Rarer still for Haitians to be portrayed as human beings.

How you can help

Haitian people are not short of initiative, man-power or courage.

They do need some help from the outside world following the storms. But a little, well-targeted aid to grass roots projects will go far.

Most good-sized, reliable aid organizations have projects in Haiti.

You can donate through those groups and specify that you want your donation to go to projects in Haiti.

Or, I found this one:

Specific suggestions:

The Lambi catalog

More about this group:

If this group doesn’t resonate with you, you may find one from this list of projects screened by Global Giving:

Check them all out:

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