Brasscheck TV – 2016 and beyond

Survival tactics for the new year

First, thanks to everyone who made a contribution to our efforts.

It’s not only a big practical help, it’s also a huge morale boost. As we approach our 20th anniversary (2017), it’s very encouraging to know that there are people who support what we’re doing.

If you haven’t contributed yet and want to do that, support Brasscheck TV here.

That said, economics is forcing us to make a major change.

For years now, we’ve produced two segments per day. The truth is advertising and contributions just do not support that level of output.

To put this in black and white terms, each video takes about an hour to produce. This includes: reviewing the news daily, screening many videos finding the right one, writing it up, writing the email, and then making the web page and setting up the email for mailing.

Two videos per day is fourteen videos per week which multiplied by fifty two weeks amounts to seven hundred and twenty eight (728) hours per year of work.

If you divide that by a 35 hour work week, that’s 20.8 (call it 21) weeks of full time work per year.

Frankly, I have no idea how I kept this up all these years (this is far from my only job), but one thing is very clear. I cannot continue at this pace.

Like everyone else, I’m not as young as I used to be.

Also, I still have to make a living and even with the ads and the contributions, I still have to work on other jobs and projects to subsidize Brasscheck.

So, I’m making a simple change:

Instead of two videos every day, one at 9 AM and one at 7 PM, there will be ONE video per day and we will replay it in the evening.

Just like CNN/Fox/MSNBC – with their hundreds of employees and millions of dollars in revenue – we will run the same story more than once. (Imagine that!)

The video of the day will run once at 9 AM eastern and then again at 9 PM. (We’re moving the evening broadcast to 9 PM eastern to make it easier for our west coast folks to see the emails.)

This one simple change will automatically cut my work by 364 hours per year, from twenty-one work weeks year, to a ten and half work weeks per year – a huge savings in time and energy.

Three good things will probably come from this:

1. I’ll be able to breathe a little which is not a bad thing

2. Focusing on one video a day will help raise the quality of everything

3. The freed up time and energy can be devoted to research to find and create even better content, promoting the site a little, fundraising and working with volunteer writers.


Starting 1/1/16 Brasscheck TV mailing schedule will be

9 AM
9 PM The 9 PM mailing will be marked Replay

When there is a special report about fast breaking news in the 9 PM slot, we will mark it SPECIAL REPORT

If you like what we do and believe it is important considering supporting the work:

If you haven’t contributed yet and want to do that, support Brasscheck TV here.


– Brasscheck

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