Brave woman assassinated by Hilary’s friends in Honduras

Open season on the poorest of the poor

Environmentalist murdered in her home

There are people be around the world who fight the powers that be with courage that would make many combat veterans blush with shame.

One of these people, Berta Cáceres, an indigenous and environmental leader, was assassinated in her home in Honduras last week.

Her work supported the world’s poorest people.

Hilary (“I support women”) Clinton has her bloody finger prints all over this one.

Obama and his Secretary of State Hilary Clinton sat back and said and did nothing when the democratically elected president of Honduras was removed from office by a violent military coup, letting loose a wave of torture, murder, militarization of the countryside, and repressive laws.

In her book “Hard Choices”, Clinton called the changes in Honduras under her watch an example of her “pragmatic” approach to foreign policy.

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