Canadian police specifically targeted women and older citizens

Our hypothesis: Orders from the top

Time to investigate Bill Blair

The documented assaults on peaceful protestors show police overwhelmingly targeted women and older people.


Ask Bill Blair. He is the Trudeau cabinet official who commanded the operation.

He’s a career criminal with a long record of directing violence against peaceful protestors and even citizens just going about their business.

(See videos below.)

His methods are very simple:

1. Surround an area and block everyone – demonstrators and uninvolved alike – from leaving
2. Drawing on his rolodex of known criminal cops, deploy uniformed thugs to attempt to provoke violence by attacking demonstrators
3. In order to maximize provocation he orders his thugs to specifically attack women, the elderly and the disabled
4. Lie about it on TV
5. Count on the CBC and CTV to cover for him

He did it in Toronto where he was Chief of Police and he just did it again in Ottawa in 2022.

It’s time for Canadians to focus on this depraved individual, conduct a thorough investigation of his various operations and operatives, and if possible, bring him up on criminals charges.

Toronto (short)

Toronto (Long)


Calculated police violence and how government criminals are using the legal system to intimidate and punish legitimate dissent