Category: Law enforcement corruption & abuse

“Boston strong” shows its true colors

Criminal behavior, no consequences The dark side of “Boston strong” Let’s tally this up: They broke down a woman’s door without a warrant… They assaulted her… They terrorized her… They falsely arrested her… They filed a fraudulent police report… And had she not had video evidence of what really happened, a local judge would have almost certainly accepted the police officer’s fraudulent version of the events, convicted her and jailed her on the charge of assaulting a police officer. What were the consequences for the “Boston strong” area police who were involved in this travesty? Nothing. Brasscheck TV needs your help...

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“Let’s ruin a good kid’s life for nothing”

Teen jailed for 13 days after EMT kit pocketknife found in his car trunk – And his felony trial coming up… Harold Specht – Idiot Prosecutor of the Century Ashtabula County, Ohio What kind of a fucked up place is Ashtabula County, Ohio? And what is wrong with Harold Specht and his boss Ashtabula County Prosecutor Nicholas A. Iarocci, Esq? 13 days in jail for a pocketknife in his EMT vest locked in the trunk of his car? And now felony charges? Are you kidding me? The psycho inbred judge had him held on a half million-dollar bond, pending a...

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“Informants” and other human garbage

Accused of undermining New Orleans relief efforts Meet Brandon Darby The FBI loves sociopaths – and luckily for them – there are a lot of them out there. This one, Brandon Darby, showed up in New Orleans after the federal levee failure where he inserted himself into a grassroots relief group called Common Ground. According to the group’s co-founder, Malik Rahim, Darby actively worked to undermine the group’s bio-remediation program, literally running off volunteer scientists and technicians thus destroying the program. To Common Founder quote Rahim: “Brandon Darby caused the death of more people in the aftermath of Katrina...

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