China’s quiet revolution

Communist party drop outs

A lesson for us?

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Reporting on China is pretty simple-minded.

We either hear about their economic prowess or their collapsing economy.

What we never hear about is the subject of this video…

Something to think about:

In China, people are card-carrying members of the Communist Party.

In the US, no one is a member of the Capitalist Party, or to be more accurate the Predatory Capitalist Party.

Yet, millions of people – and just about everyone at the top – operate as if there were.

Unlike China where everything is out on the open, and thus easy to oppose, the moral superiority of Capitalism (really Predatory Capitalism) is assumed.

I’m a free enterprise people. I believe people should be free to make money any way they can as long as they are not harming society (which includes the environment.)

I am NOT a capitalist – or predatory capitalist – because under that system anything you can get away with goes.

If you can bribe the right politicians or hire the right clever lawyers or just stick a gun in someone’s face usually (but not always) overseas, then you too can be a capitalist hero.

Millions of Americans unthinkingly assume that capitalism – our form of it – is a grand and wonderful thing that can never be questioned when in fact it is destroying the country in general and their own lives in particular.

Thus we have much to learn from the Chinese who: a) know how their system works. b) clearly understand how corrupt and anti-social it is, and c) are consciously opting out.


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