Links for further research

  • The Law: the rights and responsibilities of bicycle riders in the State of California

    Background on Critical Mass

  • Photos of San Francisco rides: Updated each month
  • The secret plans of the sinsister Critical Mass movement to terrorize San Francisco and take over the world. Somebody call the TV news!
  • Critical Mass/Zurich – in German
  • The Critical Mass mailing list
  • Bicyling Over the Rainbow : Redesigning Cities — and Beyond.
  • Critical Mass started in SF and is now a worldwide movement. Could be a conspiracy. Call INTERPOL.
  • Police harassment in Seattle
  • A set of links with very good taste.

    July 25th

  • The Official Route the San Francisco Police abandoned without warning at the last minute leaving 5,000+ bicyclists stranded in downtown San Francisco at rush hour.
  • Real Audio – eyewitness to police riot at Market near Powell
  • The peaceful ride – what the media didn’t show.
  • Police Complaint Center – A national clearinghouse for information on police officers who abuse their position and break the law
  • Peace in the Streets: A citizen’s group of bicyclists and motorists respond to the media
  • Eyewitness account from the Bay Area Reporter’s Jim Provenzano
  • Justin Herman Plaza before the ride began – photos
  • An eye witness record of July 25th police riot
  • Video stills from the Powell and Market police riot

    Bicyles and Transportation in General

  • USA Today: A singularly intelligent article on the issue of bicylists in the U.S.
  • The Bicycle News Agency
  • National Bicycle Greenway
  • Global cycling network of electronic mailing lists all over world, approximately 100 in US, including SF Critical Mass.
  • PreserveNet: Transportation and Development Politics on the Internet. This web site lists groups that are helping to build more livable cities
  • A fine collection of bicycle links from Dennis Dowling
  • San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, the city’s grassroots bicycle coalition, including links to other sites.
  • TransactA wealth of bicycle transportation information.
    Sponsored by the EPA and Surface Transportation Policy Project “to ensure that transporation policy and investments help conserve energy, protect environmental and aesthetic quality, strengthen the economy, promote social equity, and make communities more liveable.” Sounds like a terrorist organization with anti-American values. Notify the riot squad if they ever hold a meeting in San Francisco.

    The Web is watching

  • Wired – August 29, 1997. A sweet gift – truth – to the riders of Critical Mass on the day of the long awaited ride.
  • The Examiner – August 20, 1997. At the end of this story, the first public reference to Market Street police riot. A witness refers to the video this web site has been showing stills from since Augut 1, 1997.
  • The Examiner – August 13, 1997. Buried in the back of the paper and in the last paragraph of the report, the real story: photographer arrested while taking pictures. Another man arrested while trying to pass the camera on to the media.
  • Wired – August 11, 1997
  • The Examiner – August 8, 1997. The unbelievable claims of the police captured in print plus a photo we’ve had online since July 31, 1997.
  • Wired – July 31, 1997


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