Thug of the Year

Lieutenant Keith C. Sanford
(SFPD – #1414)

Where ever Deputy Chief Sanders and Captain Martel send SFPD to harass, provoke, and assault cyclists on Critical Mass night, you’ll find Lieutenant Keith C. Sanford leading the attack.

In the above photo, Sanders puts the weight of his body on the neck of a 120 pound woman while twisting her arm behind her back. Eye witnesses say during the police attacks on cyclists and pedestrians on Market Street on July 25, he shoved this woman from behind without identifying himself. She attempted to ward him off with her elbow and he then slammed her to the ground and put her in this painful and dangerous hold.

In the report he filed, under penalty of perjury, he claims she attacked him with her elbow. SF District Attorney Terence Hallinan, a long time political ally of Mayor Brown, has elected to prosecute the woman.

At the Broadway Tunnel on the Critical Mass Fifth Birthday ride on September 26. After delaying the cyclists for 15 minutes and causing a traffic jam, police let riders through. As the riders began making their way towards the tunnel under the direction of the police, two riders were picked randomly from the group, slammed to the ground, and charged with running a red light. (Tackle by #50)

Lieutenant Keith C. Sanford “helps” the man to his feet by twisting his arm behind his back. Note the badge number on his helmet: 1414.

Later that evening Lieutenant Sanford picks a young woman out of a large group enjoying themselves at the Marina and announces loudly “You’re going to jail!” She is charged with a traffic violation.

You missed one, Lieutenant Sanford. Because of the disgraceful failure of the local media to report on how the mayor and elements of the police department have targeted riders for harassment and violence, not eveyone is aware that this peaceful, community event is no longer as safe as it used to be before Willie Brown directed the police to disrupt it.

Other nominess for Thug of the Year

Badges: 24, 1621, 947, 2072, 1751, 50

Source: Nominated by susbcribers based on eye witness reports and photographic and video evidence.

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