CoVid SANITY is sweeping the world

Advanced countries like Norway and Singapore are finished with the hysteria

But the U.S., Canada, Australia continue the insanity

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I doubt you’ll see this reported in the US news.

Countries that take exponentially better care of their citizens’ health than the U.S. – Norway and Singapore for example – have decided to end the CoVid hysteria.

They’re done. No more media hysteria. No ever-shifting restrictions. No vaccine mandates and vigilante shaming of people choosing not to vaccinate.

The one thing they don’t have to change is masking children…because the U.S. is the only country that has forced its children to wear masks.

As people who are concerned with the public good, it might behoove us, on an individual basis at least, to get our heads out of the U.S. news media toilet and see what’s going on the in the rest of the world.

We recommend this grassroots group based in Minnesota both for the excellent information they share and as a model for local organizing: Masks Off Minnesota

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