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An Imaginary Conversation
May 01, 2020

Almost The Last Word – Taking A Close Look At Tony Fauci & Co.
May 05, 2020

Who The Hell Is Tony Fauci And Why Did We Annihilate The World Economy Based On His Say So?
June 05, 2020

WHO Comes Clean: “Asymptomatic Carriers Don’t Spread Covid”
June 08, 2020

What I’m Doing With The Federal Blood Money
June 12, 2020

The Mask Thing Is A Sinister Fraud
July 06, 2020

Profiles In Courage – Erin Marie Olszewski, RN
July 18, 2020

Three Voices
July 23, 2020

Digging Deep Into The CoVid Con
August 09, 2020

The CDC’s Fatal Revised “Covid Fatality” Numbers
September 03, 2020

Nurses And Doctors In Europe Say “No!”
October 20, 2020

Yes, The Whole Thing Was Illegal And The Bureaucrats Involved Had No Idea What They Were Doing
September 17, 2020

An Honest Mistake?
November 20, 2020

Nature Is Resilient And So Are You
December 12, 2020

What Ethical Doctors Are Saying About The Vaccine
January 18, 2021

Ethical Doctors Being Harassed For Not Participating In The CoVid Con
February 4, 2021

Rally To Stop Forced Vaccination Of Children And Others
December 30, 2021

You Should Know What Happened In Canada
March 07, 2022

1,000,000 Hardcover Copies Sold
March 20, 2022

The Masks Were A Fraud From Day One
June 17, 2022