Debating the vaccination fraud

“But what about smallpox?”

Lame, emotional-laden arguments defending the indefensible

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Is is necessary for American children to receive 70 different vaccination “on the schedule” by the time they’re 18?

Is it even advisable?

No and no.

Obviously, the world ran fine with a small handful of vaccinations and now – and the numbers show it – after the pharma vaccine gold rush the health of American children is alarmingly bad with over 40% of American kids suffering from at least one chronic health condition.

How does the other side justify their position?

“But what about smallpox?”

A. The smallpox vaccine was discontinued in 1972.

B. Smallpox is spread largely by sanitation problems, lack of clean, safe water and sanitary waste disposal.

Yet, smallpox is the reason some “doctors” become emotional when anyone dares to question vaccines on any level.


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