Deciphering the Swine Flu Scam

A Nun’s Story

While the news media sleeps

The most accurate, balanced, non-hysterical account of the ongoing government and media manufactured swine flu scam.

Source: A doctor of public medicine who has become a nun and is living in a monastery in Spain. Her talk is in Spanish with English subtitles.

She’s a bit long winded, but she is very thorough, very specific and very admirable in her no-nonsense approach to what is revealing itself to be an outrageous fraud being perpetrated by the World Health Organization, the pharmaceutical industry, the news media, and so-called “governments” around the world.

Bottom line:

1. The 2009 swine flu is proving to be significantly LESS lethal than even a normal mild flu season.

2. It is not a new flu. This type of flu has been seen before – and it was not the end of the world.

3. It is completely unprecedented to require that people take THREE separate shots to deal with a flu.

4. The World Health Organization has completely changed the definition of the word “pandemic,” setting the bar so low that three people in one town with a runny nose qualifies (I’m exaggerating, but not by a lot.)

5. Nations have handed over their sovereignty on public health matters to WHO without public discussion.

6. Substances added to these shots (like squalene) are being added to stretch and boost what is being sold as a “limited” supply of the virus. The science behind this is dubious, but that last time squalene was used in vaccinations in large numbers was Gulf War I. It caused thousands of cases of neurological injuries.

7. Last but not least, there’s no history of swine flu ever mutating. If it does, this time, it will be a first. If WHO was able to predict the mutation months in advance, then it will be a first in the history of science. Finally, it it does mutate that means that all the “vaccine” manufactured to date is useless, but watch…

Odds are a mutation will be presented as grounds for everyone being required to get the vaccination series.

This story proves two things:

1. The news media, by dong NOTHING to expose this scam, has completely lost any last shred of credibility it might have had remaining.

2. If you need to find out what’s really doing on, research it on the Internet. Don’t expect to find out about it on TV or in the newspaper. If it’s important, do your own homework.

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