Deconstructing the Charles Manson Psyop

Mae Brussell cuts through the smoke and mirrors

Recorded October 13, 1971

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August 9, 1969…the date the 60s came to a crashing halt.

Many are aware of how false narratives run the world:

1. They know that Kennedy was not shot by a lone nut.

2. They know that the justifications for invading Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq were based on deliberate fraud.

3. They know that a handful of random guys with box cutters were not responsible for 9/11.

4. They know that there was no justification for shutting down the world and plunging millions into poverty over a seasonal respiratory illness.

But there are still some high-profile episodes of “history” that the vast majority of people – including some severely astute ones – have not seen through yet.

Behold: The shocking story of the Charles Manson psy op.

More on this subject (but Mae Brussell called it 50 years ago.)

“Catch and release”: Between the time Manson was let out of jail the last time and the Tate and Bianca murders, Manson, while on probation, was arrested and released a number of times and was even permitted to go to Mexico “for work.”

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