Did the CIA kill this Hollywood screenwriter?

Corrupt hands in Hollywood

How did this man die, and where did his hands go?

This 2010 video has become relevant again with the 2014 film called “The Man With No Hands”. The docu-drama sparks new questions about the strange death of Gary Devore, a Hollywood screenwriter.

You may be aware of CIA involvement in Hollywood, but how deep does it run?

Supposedly, Devore had a plan to release a screen play which would take the cat out of the bag on the real reason for the American invasion of Panama in 1989.

He was found dead in his car with no hands.

Among other strange circumstances of his death, the hands which were recovered have been detected as being at least 200 years old.

Check out this old report on the story, and if you get a chance, watch the new film.

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