Steve Nelson, former Assistant City Administrator and now, thanks to Mayor Brown, the Director of Administrative Services, a high paying post created especially for him – operating the voting counting machine. Samson Wong, a long time employee of Jack Davis, campaign manager for the Yes on D & F issue, was a “ballot counting monitor.”

Under the former City Charter, the Director of Elections (see Germaine Wong on the right) was an independent officer under the Chief Administrative Officer. Now the office is directly controlled by the mayor.

The Charter which was changed in 1995 was originally created in 1932 partially in response to the arrest of the mayor and the Board of Supervisors on corruption charges. The idea was to separate the mayor’s political power from the business of running the city. President of the Board of Supervisors Barbara Kaufman was the person responsible for paving the way for this return to the abuses of the past.

Additional photos from the Elections Office:

  • Georgia Dunn. A member of Brown’s political staff stationed
    in the Elections Office two months before the election.
  • Germaine Wong. San Francisco’s nominal Director of Elections.