Exposing State criminals

Assange speaks

Note: We were spoofed on this one

We got spoofed!

This is actually footage from 2012, four years ago.

But I almost don’t mind being fooled because it brings this essential topic to the fore.

Here’s what is true:

It’s true that John Kerry from the Obama State Department has been recently threatening Ecuador.

It’s true that Assange’s Internet connection was cut.

But the attempted – and very lll advised raid – on the Ecuadorean Embassy actually took place four years ago.

Something else that is true now, in 2016…

Police have been staging outside the Embassy again and, when this first happened, no only was the story not covered, but the US bought and sold news media clown brigade went into overdrive calling for Assange to be arrested, tortured, executed, assassinated. You name it.

Even if it happened four years ago, it’s a story worth repeating.

The ever-sleazy government of the UK attempted to raid the Ecuador embassy in London to seize Julian Assange.

They were thwarted by huge crowds of supporters who acted as witnesses to what was essentially a criminal act.

As usual, a total mainstream news media blackout on this news, but you can hear Assange’s talk and the talk of others here.

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