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Facebook blocks our ability to post to our Facebook page

Right after we called BS on
the South Carolina False Flag

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False Flag/Media Operation

As soon as we posted our reaction to the false flag operation in South Carolina, Facebook disabled our ability to post to our Facebook page.

This shows three things:

1. They’re watching
2. They didn’t like what we had to say
3. They have the ability to turn on “technical difficulties” with the flip of the switch.

What did we say that offended major Democratic fund raiser Sheryl Sandberg (the political COO of Facebook whose husband died under highly mysterious circumstances a few weeks ago)?

We proposed that the South Carolina shooting was a false flag operation and that in the hysteria that is sure to follow, intelligent people should remember that anti-gun ownership laws were originally created to suppress black people in the US.

The idea that law abiding blacks would be made safer by gun confiscation and draconian anti-gun owner laws is something that only Obama could sell – and sell it he will. Just wait.

But hey Facebook: 95% of our subscribers get their info from us via e-mail, not your scam web site so all you’ve succeeded in doing is calling attention to your own slimy, anti-freedom agenda which has been obvious to all with eyes to see for years.

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How do we know this story is BS?

1. Because 99% of these events are. The media always distorts the facts massively.

2. The surviving victims “remember” that the shooter was wearing Timberland boots. Are you kidding me? They’re being shot at and they had the time not only see his boots but also look at them closely enough to figure out what brand they were?

3. The shooter was yet another in a long line pf nut job “super soldier.s” One gun. One shooter. Nine people, not just shot, but dead. Ask a combat veteran how likely that is.

4. The narrative is fishy as hell…

Here’s the story from Fox:

He started shooting and reloaded five times, she said.

When a man pleaded with him to stop, the shooter replied, “You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go,” she said.

A law enforcement official says witnesses told authorities the gunman stood up and said he was there “to shoot black people.”

He stopped to reload FIVE TIMES and no one could clock him with a chair, punch his lights out or at least wrestle with him for the UNLOADED gun???

What was he, the world’s fastest reloader? It takes SIGNIFICANT TIME to reload a gun under the best of circumstances and under combat stress, it’s not an any easy task.

Five reloads and no jams. Really?

I call BULLSHIT on the story as it is being told.

Here’s the history of gun control in America. Every step of the way, black people have been its VICTIMS.



When we discovered that the wife of one of the “Boston Bombers” was the granddaughter of a Skull and Bones member and the descendent of one of its founders, it went viral on Facbook – and not one single “alternative” news outlet picked up on this completely documented fact.

That put us on Facebook’s radar and this time they did a pre-emptive strike.

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P.S. The disinformation police have written me the following:

This later post is suggesting the victims would have been cowardly to an unrealistic extent for not making a grab for the gun

I would suggest you please weigh however badly you might have felt against the distress you might have caused a victim’s family member on even the 1 percent chance you end up being wrong.

Of course, I did not suggest that the victims were cowards.

Just the opposite

I don’t believe these people would have been cowards and therefore I don’t believe the BS story that the shooter had the EPIC LEISURE to properly reload his handgun FIVE times in the midst of this shooting.

I can’t help the abysmal ignorance people have about the reality of operating fire arms. It is one of the biggest problems in dealing with anti-gun ownership hysteria and the suspect narratives that surround just about every single one of these mass shootings.

Brasscheck subscribers: If you believe in what we’re doing, help us keep the reporting and analysis up on this story. It takes time and work and we need your help. Thanks. Donate here

Update: Shooter was on Suboxone, a psych med that causes delusional behavior, losing touch with reality, anxiety, and amnesia. Who prescribed it? Who was “treating” him?

Racist nut jobs and the federal government

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