Fairy tales from an Evil Empire

The colonization of children’s imaginations

Hidden in plain sight

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Disney – It’s one of a small handful of media giants that controls what Americans see do and don’t see.

It also has another role.

Someone once described it as the “colonization of children’s imaginations.”

It’s a pretty interesting business model.

Buy “Snow White” “Alice in Wonderland” “Cinderalla” “Sleeping Beauty” “Peter Pan” and other traditional tales, recast them in your own image, and then OWN them and thus access to the imaginations of children.

Disney is expert at two things: 1) stealing ideas from others (research the origins of “The Lion King”) and 2) suing those who “infringe” on their intellectual property rights.

They also appear to have another agenda going.

Why have the early works of Walt Disney been all but erased from public consciousness? It didn’t start with Mickey Mouse.

I recommend you invest some time in watching “The Early Works of Walt Disney.” Pointer: http://www.lenonhonorfilms.com/


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