Fake News hysteria

Still wearing purple and still spouting total BS

Is this all an elaborate Psy-Op?

Hillary is back.

Still wearing purple and still spouting total BS.

The truly scary is this: This is the best the opposition party can muster.

I’m beginning to wonder: Is all this an elaborate Psy-Op?

Trump says he’s a “man of the people” but stacks his cabinet with CEOs and generals. We’ll see.

Clinton & Co throw the election and come back not to make reasonable critiques (or god forbid, offer anything useful), but to make claims designed to foster an attack on the First Amendment.

If you look at the STRUCTURE of what just happened and ignore the details…

We’ve got one party going in an authoritarian direction and the other setting things in motion to take out the last remaining vestiges of real journalism in the country – independent Internet news.

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