Fake UFO cults

Trolling for assassins

A favorite of US intelligence agencies

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In 1997, the Heaven’s Gate cult reportedly committed mass suicide.

Normally, we don’t cover UFOs, not because there is no such thing as an unidentified flying object, but because of this…

UFO cults are a favorite mechanism of US intelligence agencies.

By the way, the news coverage of the Heaven’s Gate murders – they were not suicides – is an example of the fraudulent news media at its best.

Applewhite was a military man who had been committed to an “experimental” treatment program purported to cure homosexuality. While at the hospital, he met a “nurse” who became his partner and was the real organizer behind the cult.

Whenever they’d run into trouble, Applewhite would take the fall (like when they were arrested for stealing a rental car) she would go her merry way untouchable. Applewhite went to jail.

She reportedly died a few years before the mass murders, but no one has ever been able to provide a death certificate or burial place for her. When People Magazine dedicated an entire issue to the story with detailed biographical info on all its members, she wasn’t even mentioned.

As for the fraud that they voluntarily poisoned themselves and just happened to all die in the same undisturbed position with a blanket covering them…tell me what poison works that way? Answer: None.

What was forced from the headlines the week this insanity took place?

That same week the US government admitted to having conducted ghastly medical experiments on children, including a program conducted with Quaker Oats that fed radioactively contaminated food to disabled children to see what the effect would be on them.

Sound crazy? Look it up. Google: quaker oats radioactive oatmeal

Here’s how the news media told the Heaven’s Gate story.

By the way, this is what a real mass killing looks like.

Notice at the beginning of this video, they are taking bodies out of the building on stretchers.


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