Feds and White Supremacists

Feds use their agents to guide the crazies

“Incite them to violence”

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On this day in 1995, an explosion damaged a federal building in downtown Oklahoma City killing 168 people including 19 children.

People are ignorant of history because the facts behind major events are completely distorted beyond recognition by the idiot news media.

Because average people are relatively sane, they cannot imagine the psychotic, anti-social behavior of some people in government.

Kill innocent people to advance a political agenda? No one is that evil, right?


This video shows how the Oklahoma City bombing really went down.

How hard do you think it would be for psycho Feds to find a sick boy, shape his mind, put a gun in his hands, and point him toward a church to advance their anti-gun ownership agenda?

With all the resources they have, not hard at all. The CIA and other agencies are always on the lookout for people with violent tendencies who they can control and deploy as needed. It’s everyday business for them.

How many shooters were there?

Was the guy arrested the only one, or was he the guy with the gun in his hand while one or more combat killers did the actual dirty work?

Who picked this particular church which just happens to be perfect for media storytelling?

Why did this guy suddenly appear out of the blue with this particular act and why wasn’t he already on someone’s radar with less dramatic acts he must have committed to get to this extreme point?

What is his background?

Who were his parents?

What were his influences?

Did he have a psychologist who was “counseling” him and prescribing him behavior-modification drugs?

Many, many questions. We’ll see what we get in the form of answers.

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