Film a killing, go to jail

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From Redacted Tonight/RT

Film a killing, go to jail.

Now that everyone has a video camera in their phone, a lot of crimes are coming to light that might have otherwise passed.

There’s just one catch: If you film a police offering killing someone, you are going to jail…that’s the record.

Thanks to Lee Camp and Redacted Tonight/RT for bringing this simple – and unreported fact – to light.

Note: Remember that entirely innocent health care worker who was shot while on the ground with his hands up imploring the police not to shoot the mentally handicapped man in his care who was playing with a toy truck?

He was handcuffed and left to bleed on the pavement in the hot Florida sun for 20 minutes until the ambulance came.

Had the bullet hit something serious that was more than enough time for him to bleed out and die.

Serve and protect.

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