Folks torturing folks

The strange language of 9/11

9/11 strange language

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First, credit where credit is due.

Regardless of his language and the justifications he offers, Obama admits that people (“”folks”) were tortured after 9/11 and it was wrong.

This is very important. Bush who was responsible for it never did this and Obama, who apparently is still involved in this and worse, has been silent on the issue for six years.

Second, note the language he uses to describe 9/11:

1. “When the towers fell”
2. “When the Pentagon was hit”
3. “When the plane in Pennsylvania fell”

He specifically does not mention the word terrorists, nor does he mention planes hitting the towers or the Pentagon or “heroes” in Pennsylvania. He doesn’t even use the word “attack.”

He talks about buildings and planes falling which for anyone who realizes the 9/11 cover story is total baloney is a 100% accurate description of what happened that day.

Is it possible that he knows the truth (or doubts the official story?)

Remember, he’s a lawyer and even though he acts like a spaced out goofball much of the time, he did learn how to use language precisely at Harvard Law School.

I have no idea what this means. I’m just pointing out that in a very rare truth telling session, he’s describing “the events of 9/11” in a most unusual way for a mainstream US politician.

Play it again and see what you think.

Make of it what you will.


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