“Free expression,” murder and psy-ops

The anti-Muslim film that “sparked riots”

We have such short memories

Two years ago, an obscure film that hardly anyone had ever heard of and even fewer people had seen became the reported reason for riots throughout the Middle East.

How do these things happen?

Who funds the production and promotion of these things? Where do the crowds come from who riot for the television cameras?

Shortly after this story aired, the US Ambassador to Libya was dragged from his compound and beaten to death. The reported reason for this attack was local people’s outrage about the movie “The Innocence of Muslims.”

This turned out to be total bullshit.

Why the US government sat back and allowed this man to be killed (eliminated) has yet to be answered though it’s since been reported that he was helping aid and arm anti-government terrorists in Syria, quite possibly including the group that became known recently as ISIS, the new instant “just add water” terrorist threat.

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