Freedom destroyed

“We are potentially facing cultural genocide”

Who’s next?

The oil companies have been destroying southern Louisiana for decades. Very publicly.

Receiving the brunt of the impact have been the Native Americans for whom the region has been home for centuries.

Few in Louisiana or New Orleans, let alone the rest of the Gulf or country, cared.

Maybe they should have paid closer attention.

“Ask not for whom the bell tolls…”

The most profoundly simple explanation I’ve ever heard about where we’re
headed and what we can look forward to came from a North Dakota wheat farmer who in the 1980s as he being forced off his three-generation family farm by agribusiness said:

“I guess we’re the Indians now.”

When Shell Oil destroyed the Nigerian delta, we said nothing .

When Chevron destroyed Ecuador’s rain forest, we said nothing.

When all the majors chewed up Louisiana’s wetlands, we said nothing.

Now we’re all learning the meaning of “justice for all or justice for none” the hard way .

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