Gender neutrality taken to its illogical extreme

The courts and AMA are fine with it

A new profit center for Big Pharma

The ONLY US-based news outlet that is covering this story is RT.

The ONLY politician speaking out against it is Vladimir Putin.

When you see what the issue is you are not going to believe it.

What the heck is going on?

Simple: Money.

For decades. Wyeth Pharmaceutical made billions selling women hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Then after it was acquired by Pfizer, the damage this “therapy” was causing women finally became too severe to ignore and the market disappeared.

So if you’re Pfizer and have patents and production lines all set up to produce HRT what do you do?

You spend millions promoting transgender rights because children and others who undergo sex change will require a lifetme of Pfizer products.

“They can’t possibly be that evil, can they?”

Yes they can and yes they are.

Clearly, you have not been paying attention to pharmaceutical company ethics:

More info:

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