George Bush vs. Harry Potter

Why JK Rowling was snubbed by the Bush White House

These were the nut jobs
who were running the country

I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

There are millions of these people in the US – their numbers are growing.

The Sun (UK) – Matt Williams, September 30, 2009

JK ROWLING was denied a top US honour because President George Bush’s advisers believed her books “encouraged witchcraft”, it was claimed last night.

A new book reveals the Scots-based Harry Potter author was nominated for a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

But White House officials objected because they said she promoted SORCERY in her boy wizard series, which has been made into smash-hit movies starring Daniel Radcliffe

So they stopped JK receiving the US’s top gong for civilians who contribute to America, world peace or culture.

The claim is made in Speechless: Tales of a White House Survivor, written by Matt Latimer, an ex-speechwriter for Bush.

He said “narrow thinking” led “people in the White House to actually object to giving the author JK Rowling a presidential medal because the Harry Potter books encourage witchcraft”.

Others denied the privilege under Bush included Senator Edward Kennedy – because he was “too liberal”, Latimer says.

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