Google employees protest AI killing machine

12 good guys and 3,000 in company supporters

This is how you shut down evil at the “Don’t be Evil” company

In the interest of accuracy: Twelve, not 4,000 Google employees resigned over Google’s “Help the military kill random people with AI” Program.

However, 3,000 fellow employees did write sign a letter in solidarity with them.

Very good. That’s how you do it.

It’s not enough for one lone person to quit. It’s too easy to marginalize one person.

It’s not even good enough for twelve to quit. Twelve supported by 3,000? Now that’s a plan.

Ever wonder what all the corporate AI (Artificial Intelligence) “hoopla” is all about?

Well, it turns out one Google application is helping the Pentagon make better GUESSES about who to kill with their drone program.

Twelve employees quit over it and 3,000 have signed a letter in solidarity with them.

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