Government protected criminal networks that target children

Warning: Highly disturbing content

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Posted: September 28, 2023

Brasscheck focuses on institutional corruption.

There’s little that can be done, outside law enforcement, about specific demented individuals or small groups.

However, with the revelations of widespread – and institutionally protected – child abuse and torture of children by the Catholic Church, Penn State, and most recently by Wall Street financial operative (and probable intelligence asset) Jeffrey Epstein, it’s become clear to us that widespread, systematic abuse of children is a government protected activity in the same way that multi-billion fraud and money laundering is on Wall Street and unregulated poisoning and rape of the environment is by favored companies like Monsanto.

These groups and individuals are doing something about this.

Tammi Stefano

Ex-Scotland Yard detective Jon Wedger

Jon’s foundation:

Our sources and conclusions

Brasscheck spent over 100 hours researching, screening, and editing videos to put this case before you. Be assured, that as gruesome as the information that appears in this video is, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

What we know for sure:

* These criminal networks appear all over the world and are especially active in the US and the UK
* Tens of thousands of children are effected
* Many more thousands of operatives and “customers” are involved
* These “customers” include high ranking people in industry, academia, the news media, entertainment, non-profits and in law enforcement and the courts
* The child care protective services infrastructure is so dysfunctional and corrupt that children in its so called “care” are for all practical purposes unprotected
* In a multi-decade pattern, trackable over several nations, it’s been demonstrated that the criminals who operate and use these networks are rarely arrested and when charged rarely prosecuted in a serious way. (Example Jeffrey Epstein)
* Conversely, investigative journalists, government officials, law enforcement people and concerned citizens who try to expose these networks are attacked, some paying with their careers and in some cases apparently their lives
* The victims of these assaults are rarely listened to and often disbelieved and in many cases are attacked by the perpetrators, in some cases being jailed for “perjury”, a crime that is almost never punished in any other context. The murder of these children is not uncommon.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

Original video sources in order of appearance.

Epstein’s Child Sex Procurer Of 12-year-old Triplets: Jean Luc Brunel

Corey Feldman- Hollywood Pedophilia

Tammi Stefano

Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal: Missed Signs?

Jimmy Savile whistleblower – ‘he laughed in victim’s face’ | Channel 4 News

Kincora ‘VIP paedophile ring’ victim Richard Kerr speaks out

Survivors Sue Archdiocese of New York, Covenant House And Franciscans For Sexual Abuse

UN peacekeepers accused of thousands of cases of abuse, AP finds

Unaired Yorkshire TV Child Sex Abuse doc: Conspiracy Of Silence 1994 Franklin Scandal, First Tuesday

Craig J Spence Lobbyist Found Dead Whitehouse Call Boy Scandal

“The Finders” – 1987 Perspective on the present

London Epstein-Style Pedo Rings Protected By Police: Ex-Cop Jon Wedger | True Crime Podcast 43

Tammi Stefano


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