Green Collar Economy

Why aren’t we doing this?

Retrofitting A Nation

“Let’s put Detroit back to work!” says Van Jones, author of The Green Collar Economy in this compelling clip. He points out that wind turbines are as sophisticated as cars to manufacture– why shouldn’t they be built en masse by GM?

He says we must create in the US “the opportunity to take our Saudi Arabia of wind energy – the plain states, and our Saudi Arabia of solar energy that we have in our sun belt and on millions of rooftops from coast to coast — and connect those clean energy centers to our population centers and run this country on clean energy.”

This is the breakthrough that begins to solve a number of problems at once: starting with creating jobs and transitioning to clean energy.

He explains that buildings in the US can right now be made about 40% more energy efficient with simple insulation.

“Imagine taking soldiers coming home from war and saying “Put down that handgun, and pick up this caulk gun, and let’s get to work retrofitting a nation.” exclaims Jones.


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