Haiti 2010

Clinton associate caught try to remove 33 kidnapped children from Haiti

Why did the Clintons intervene to get the charges dropped?

The news is in.

A serious pathologist has looked at the Jeffery Epstein “suicide” and says it sure looks like murder to him.

OK, serious people already knew that.

How many people know, or knew and forgot, that the Clintons were involved in another child trafficking scheme.

The news media slipped that one under the rug pretty well. Here it is again and it makes Epstein look like a choir boy in comparison.


1. Laura Silsby claimed to be part director of a “ministry” called New Life Children’s Refuge.

2. At the same time, she was an executive with AlertSense, a FEMA contactor responsible for the nation’s Amber Alert system to broadcast info about kidnapping events.

3. In 2010, after the big earthquake in Haiti she went to the country to “save” children

4. After attempting to leave the country with one batch of children, she was turned away at the country’s border with the Dominican Republic for failing to have the authorization to transport the children out of the country.

5. Silsby and nine other still unnamed people returned and tried again this time with 33 children and were arrested and held by Haitian authorities.

6. The children had no passports, birth certificates, or letters authorizing them to be separated from their families and were called “orphans” by Silsby.

7. In fact, all the children had families and the families had been told they would be able to see their children later.

8. Silsby’s stated written plans were to remove the children from the country and offer them up for adoption. The original goal was to remove 100 children.

9. Huma Adedin, personal assistant to Hillary Clinton and State Department employee, frequently forwarded emails about Silsby’s “charity” to Clinton.

10. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and during this time provided significant State Department assistance towards getting the charges dropped against the ten kidnappers.

11. Bill Clinton personally intervened on Silsby’s behalf. Ultimately nine – never named by the news media – were flown home by transport operated by the US government. Silsby remained behind but was let off for “time served.”

12. According to Reuters, Jorge Puello Torres, later convicted of child sex trafficking in Haiti and El Salvador, was an affiliate of Silsby’s.

On November 4, 2016, just a few days before Election Day, Ben Collins a “reporter” for The Daily Beast published an article filled with falsehoods and deliberate misinformation to obscure the basic facts of this story.

At the time of this article, Chelsea Clinton, without business or journalism experience, was a Board Member of the parent company that owned The Daily Beast.

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