How doctors lie to you

An MD pulls back the curtain

A talk by Dr. McDougall

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An MD pulls back the curtain and exposes the savage dishonesty that characterizes “modern” medicine.

I agree with McDougall on many things, but not everything.

1. I AGREE that US-Pharma medicine is as crooked as hell.

2. I AGREE that one should not consume contaminated dairy products (and most American dairy products are contaminated.)

3. I DISAGREE that a starch-based diet is a panacea.

Quite the opposite.

I could do an hour long program on all the ways he is wrong on this point, but the evidence is very simple.

Hunter gatherers who eat fresh meat along with wild plants – and very little starch – have historically been the healthiest people to walk the earth.

When people go to a grain diet, they fall apart. This is obvious when you track the remains Native people who switched from hunter-gathering to corn eating. Their bones are smaller and they exhibit far more disease.

McDougall uses the degeneration of Filipino farm workers in Hawaii over generations as his “proof” that meat is bad.

What he fails to understand is:

1) the new generations had UNLIMITED access to cheap carbs – something the older generation did not have – which causes the very acid state he blames on meat,
2) the older generation of people who he correctly points out were the healthiest were not poisoned by chemical pesticides like their children and grandchildren, and
3) rural people in the Philippines and Asia ate considerable animal protein from birds, eggs, eels, crabs, insects, lizards, snakes etc. gathered in the wild. (You can find ample evidence of this YouTube in a few minutes of searching. Search “Cambodia fish hunting.” etc. )

A simple book on why carbs are so bad for you and what to eat instead: Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog

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