How Reagan and friends destroyed the American dream

Wrecking local economies

How we got to where we are today

Under Reagan and friends, money became not only the highest good in America it became the only good.

Anyone 50 or older knows what life was like before the onslaught.

Vibrant downtowns, thriving locally owned businesses, living wages.

What happened?

Rules changed: Tax codes were put into place to make “loot and pillage” operations that would have been ILLEGAL in previous years not only legal, but highly profitable.

Instead of there being profit in building America, the profit went to operations that destroyed it and destroyed it the new class of Reagan-enabled gangsters did.

Shuttered downtowns, a few mega stores run everything, money leaves communities instead of recirculating in the local economy, wage frozen, opportunities for local business people truncated.

All under a big waving American flag.

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