How reliable are police reports?

It took a year to make the footage public

Think there was a cover up of this murder in Chicago?

You’ve probably seen the footage of a young man being gunned down by police in Chicago. Here’s what the story was before the public was able to see the actual footage…

There’s clearly been a cover-up of this murder of 17 tear old Laquan McDonald in the city of Chicago by city officials. The mayor and city bureaucrats prevented the public from viewing crucial incriminating evidence — first one police car’s dashboard camera video; now, we learn, five such videos in total.

Chicago cops who watched their fellow officer shoot a black teenager 16 times filed reports claiming the 17-year-old was killed only after he swung at cops. These lies starkly contrast with the dash cam footage that graphically shows the teen running away from, not toward, the police.

Early this month Chicago city leaders finally brought charges against the police officer, Jason Van Dyke, for the first-degree murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

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