How the FDA makes Big Pharma rich

The real drug war: You’re the target

The biggest cash cow on earth

Do you know what the profit margins are for Big Pharma products?

Once you do, you’ll understand where they get the money to rule US health care.

Hint: Often time Big Pharma’s margins on its products are bigger than the markup on cocaine and heroin.

The FDA functions to protect the profits of Big Pharma.

Here’s how the FDA does it:

1. It keeps US prices super high – while the exact same products are available cheaper in other countries
2. It controls what students learn about “medicine” in medical school
3. It tightly limits what people can say about healing herbs and other low cost, safe, effective alternatives

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Big Pharma’s products are known to create serious problems for those who use them.

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