How the Internet saps your life

Here’s how to avoid the downside

Decoupling from the dopamine highway

The Internet is the greatest tool for enhancing intelligence since the invention of printing.

But it comes with a risk…

Here’s how to avoid the downside.

Very simply dopamine is the self-created drug that kicks in to keep us in pursuit of a goal by rewarding us with pleasure.

The problem is it’s a pretty “dumb” system.

It doesn’t screen if you actions are something that going to get you somewhere worthwhile.

It just moves you along to do more of anything that’s stimulates dopamine by accident or by design.

Genuine user experience designers know how to design computer systems that keep you hooked and that’s what they do.

It’s up to you to know what’s important to you and direct your Internet usage accordingly.

Otherwise, the Facebook’s of the world will gladly take you down the stream to oblivion.

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