Hundreds of thousands killed for money

Karl Denninger’s first rate explanation of the CoVid Con

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One of the reasons we’ve had to produce so much original content in the last 12 months is the lack of good reporting and analysis on the Great Con.

Many formerly independent and reliable news sources bought the Con lock, stock, and barrel and then in turn re-sold it to their listeners. That would include RT, Consortium News, Jimmy Dore, Lee Camp, and many others too long to list.

There have been a few shining exceptions and one of them is Karl Denninger.

We backed up one of his recent podcast here.

It’s a very important one. It clarifies the situation perfectly and also gives excellent advice.

Note: Since we have to safeguard all this material and host it elsewhere than YouTube, it might take time and a few tries to stream it, but it will be worth your while.

Also, this is NOT the first time that Tony Fauci has worked with the federal government to promote a medical fraud that has made billions for Pharma.

An excerpt of our film “HIV=AIDS – Fauci’s First Fraud”

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