Infants, death rates and two important sources

Two stories you are unlikely to hear anywhere else

Two important sources

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Jessica Rose PhD – LINK
Alex Berenson – LINK

As the FDA reflects on whether to approve the Magic V for children 5 years old and younger, some criminal doctors have already gone ahead.

The result?

Over 1,400 injuries reported to the VAERS database in infants – even though it is currently a crime to “treat” them with this experimental therapy.

One Canadian MD openly brags in a major newspaper to have injected over 500 <5 year olds – with no consequences.

Contrast this with doctors who actually heal people who have had their licenses challenged, and in some cases taken away, and their

Second story: One of the biggest users of the Magic V – Australia – has a death rate from all causes in the first half of 2022 over 20% above normal.

This is a public health catastrophe of epic proportions – and you are unlikely to find these two stories anywhere else.

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