Insanity in medicine

Vaccines and antidepressants prescribed to 82-year-old “long hauler.”

Another big win for Pharma

Medicine has degenerated from the careless and slipshod to the insane and positively dangerous.

Here’s a case that makes it crystal clear:

Prescribing a CoVid vaccine for an 82 year old woman suffering from fatigue who already had and recovered from CoVid and then putting her on anti-depressants to, according to the idiot doctor, “improve her sense of well-being.”

After recording this, I read of “long hauler” – this one the high profile “long haul” organizer named Amy Watson – who talks about taking 189 pills per week to deal with her symptoms. Insane, but presented as “medicine” and given maximum public exposure.

How psych drugs injure

Particular drug dangers for older people

Note: They blame the patient and they blame over-the-counter drugs

The complete incompetence of the medical system

Note: These were the remotely relevant videos we were able to find. The problem is FAR more severe and as usual

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