Is NASA faking it?

Strange footage from the space station

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Who are you going to believe? NASA or your own lying eyes.

Follow the shots. I’ll show you what to look for.

00:00 – 00:20
Astronaut in blue pulls other astronaut’s harness out of the shot

00:21 – 00:39
“Weightless” astronaut flies by with a very obvious harness and line (computer graphics failure)

00:40 – 1:10
Major “blue screen” edit problem as Chinese astro-naught materializes out of nowhere and you can see right through him

1:11 – 1:52
This time an astro-naught DE-materializes. Watch how you can see right through him at the very end.

1:53 – 2:24
The top of this guy’s head suddenly becomes transparent – end of the shot

2:31 – 2:57
Careless computer graphics work. The wires are gone, but you can see two places on his shirt are still pulled up very sharply showing where the wires were attached

2:58 – 3:18
George Bush Sr. is wheeled into the control room for a press event and the cameraman carelessly captures an astro-naught on screen “in space” standing in front of an advanced blue screen. (They should not have blue screen on the space station!)

4:35 –
Oops. Another astro-naught materializes out of nowhere and appears to be missing his foot!

6:20 –
Hear the sound of the jet engine as they fake orbital weightlessness. It happens in every faked full motion video from the international “space station.”

Weight a minute! How is she grabbing and manipulating an object that just materialized out of thin air?

Augmented Virtual reality contact lenses so astro-naughts can “see” computer graphics artifacts and manipulate them. Sometimes the system fails and the astro-naughts a grabbing “things” we can’t see.

13:08 Wearable holograms exist, now, today

15:19 An astro-naughts’s arm dissolves

And on and on it goes

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