Israeli Inc’s criminal real estate scam

Harvesting the money of suckers in North America

One way genocide in Palestine is funded

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Rich Siegel – “In Palestine” (2010)

We’re not going to let up on our reporting on the gangster Israeli state for reasons that will become clear as you watch the four parts of our new documentary “Why are these Israelis Dancing?”

One of the many criminal scams of Israel Inc. involves real estate and has four parts:

1. stealing the land and homes from Palestinians at gunpoint (they’re still doing it 76 years after the country’s founding)
2. putting demented squatters in them to hold the properties until they can be “developed”
3. “rehabbing” them by building security corridors around them
4. flipping them through “fences” (often synagogues) to rabid Zionists in the US and Canada who want their own piece of the “Holy Land.”

No one who actually lives in Israel buys these kinds of properties. The whole thing is a way to harvest money from North American suckers in pursuit of driving Palestinians from their land.

We interview Rich Siegel, a longtime resident of Teaneck, NJ and a Jew, who is shining a spotlight on this corrupt practice.

Genocide in Gaza: The Evidence

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