Jaw dropping online harassment charges

Imagine if they’d help health care practitioners harassed by pharma trolls too

But don’t hold your breath

Executives at eBay, including a former police captain receiving a $200,000 a year state pension, operated a savage harassment campaign against online critics.

Amazingly, the police and FBI actually did something about it.

This shows three things:

1. There are laws to protect health care practitioners and their patients from the same kind of savage harassment against them by Pharma-organized trolls.

2. “Law enforcement” knows how to use these laws – when they feel like it

3. Pharma-funded troll rings – including the one that harass families with autistic children – are being given a “free pass.”

Mainstream news media enabler of an online harassers network, NBC’s Brandy Zadrozny

The structure of the network

More info on the online harassers network that

Article: Psycho trolls for hire

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