Jeffrey Epstein explained

So simple even the NYT can understand

The elephant in the living room

Les Wexner (left) sugar daddy of Jeffrey Epstein. Robert Maxwell (right), father of Ghislaine.

What do Maxwell and Wexner have in common?

Over-the-top supporters of Israel.

What country would have the motivation to fund a massive prostitution/sexual blackmail ring to ensnare US politicians?

What other industry requires a “face” with a cover story (“hedge fund billionaire”) as a front?

Big time Money laundering.

Who was Wexner’s business partner in Ohio?

Edward DeBartolo Sr, the biggest mall builder in America and the most important mob financier after Meyer Lansky.


Court seals Epstein’s financial records:

Wexner and DeBartolo in business together:

DeBartolo’s organized crime connections

Robert Maxwell: Israel’s Super Spy

Maxwell’s PR company manufactured charity TerraMar (note: they appear to be dismantling)

Clinton Foundation and Terramar

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