John Lauritsen

On the trail of the AIDS hoax

Poppers, AZT and mass murder – and Fauci

You can read about this in somebody’s book 5, 10 or 50 years from now.

Or you can learn about it now – when it matters.

Tony Fauci has a LONG record of cooking up scientific frauds and working on behalf of Pharma to politicize their marketing messages.

One of the “smoking guns” is the 36 year old AIDS Hoax which Fauci has stage managed and used to extract hundreds of billions of dollars from the treasury on “make work” research, testing and treatment projects that have literally gone nowhere.

Immune systems can and do collapse catastrophically – but the reason Fauci & friend cooked up – is a scientific fraud. In fact, prevention is straightforward and requires ZERO pharmaceutical input.

As we did with another researcher on this much censored topic, we have organized the work of John Lauristen all in one place.

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Articles by John Lauritsen

Lauritsen’s letter DRUGS AND AIDS

The AIDS War: Propaganda, Profiteering and Genocide from the Medical Industrial Complex

Queer Advertising: From Poppers to Protease Inhibitors

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Petrushka was Poisoned: Did AZT contribute to Nureyev’s untimely death?

Surveying Ascher and Schechter

Looking back on Berlin

The Truth Is Bustin’ Out All Over HIV

Kangaroo Court Etiology

The HIV Debate

Let the Reader Beware: Review of Confronting AIDS

First Things First: Some Thoughts on the “AIDS Virus” and AZT

Interview with Peter Duesberg

Non-Responses to Duesberg

AZT: Iatrogenic Genocide

The Racism Connection: Review of AIDS, Africa, and Racism

Latex Lunacy

The Epidemiology of Fear

On the AZT Front Part One

On the AZT Front Part Two

Poppers: The End of an Era

The Political Economy of AIDS Incidence

Science by Press Release

GMHC Announces Campaign to Encourage HIV Antibody Testing

AZT and Cancer

A “State of the Art” AZT Conference(Or The Banality of Evil)

AZT Watch: New research does not prove efficacy

They Left Their HIV in San Francisco: A Report On The Sixth International Conference On AIDS

Lesbian and Gay Health Providers: Friends or Foes?

Dunky the Litigious Journalist: Gay McCarthyism in England

Kramer versus Kramer’s Children: A Rowdy AIDS Forum and its Aftermath

Talk on AZT

“AIDS” Criticism in Europe

The Validation of Survey Research: A Critique of Two Reports that Attempt to Refute Duesberg’s Risk-AIDS Hypothesis

Recovery from “AIDS”

Talk on Risk-AIDS Hypothesis

Has Provincetown Become Protease Town?

Psychological and Toxicological Causes of “AIDS”

Review of Impure Science

Prickly Poppers

AIDS Realism Versus the HIV Hypothesis

AIDS: A Death Cult

Making Our Case In the Battle For Truth

In Defence of AIDS Critics

The Incidence Quagmire

Incompetence In AIDS Epidemiology

Fraudulent Drug Testing


John Lauritsen’s House of Numbers Interview

John Lauritsen – Making our Case in the Battle for Truth

John Lauritsen Vienna AIDS Conference 2010

Does Crack Cocaine Cause AIDS?

AIDS Counterpoint

The Psychology of AIDS

HEAL This Week: John Lauritsen

AZT: Fact and Fiction

Articles about John Lauritsen

AIDS wikipage John Lauritsen

Interview John Lauritsen By Mark GabrishConlan

The AIDS Debate: The Most Controversial Story You’ve Never Heard

John Lauritsen


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