Let me vote, count my vote

Systematic election fraud in the US

Brascheck has been on this since 1997

Brasscheck has been reporting on systematic election fraud since 1997.

We’re not talking about individual fraud, we’re talking about election officials engaged in election fraud.

It’s as common as apple pie. When we first pointed this out people said we were crazy.

We said – in 1997 – if we didn’t get a handle on this it was going to ruin the country.

Well, we got eight years of the idiot son of George Bush – based on two different election frauds – which led to the illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan which led to a massive Wall Street fraud to finance it which led to the Crash which has brought us Donald Trump in the White House.

People are finally catching on that official election fraud is real…

Better late than never…but I can’t help but think if people listened back then, we’d have an entirely different country today.

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